A facilitative Python learning platform for

Every student,
Every classroom.

Pangolin supports an inclusive programming classroom for
both students and teachers alike.

From in-class to after-class.
From learning to practicing.
From data collection to analytics.

puts students at the heart of programming classrooms, while providing with the data needed to maximize their classroom success

In-class Lecture

Checkpoint questions. Answering status monitor. Resource sending. Class comparisons. And there’s so much more to build differentiated teaching with Pangolin lecture features.

In-class Practice

Students can choose a practice mode freely and receive timely scaffolding. Teachers can track students’ progress, reaching out to provide personalized feedback. Keep students interested in programming practics, while making it easier for teachers to promote positive behavior.

Auto-generated Reports

Three overall summary for class and individual performance. Help teacher stay connected with students after class, identify and monitor students who need help, optimize time and focus on teaching

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